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Fudge Fancies


From trowel to mixing spoon!

Michael, the founder of Fudge Fancies, is the eldest son of three children. As the eldest Michael enjoyed a lot of quality time and attention from his grandparents and had a particularly close relationship with his maternal grandmother, Jean, with whom he spent a lot of time in his early years. Michael’s first spark of interest in cooking came from watching his grandmother bake her legendary fudge!

Michael at a recent Farmer's Market

This interest quickly developed into a passion and he would often surprise his parents and siblings with culinary delights presented through the serving hatch of their kitchen, which everyone had in the seventies!

Michael however, did not embark on a career in catering opting to do a bit of travelling which was financed by the odd job helping his dad who ran his own plastering company. This became a more permanent arrangement and before he knew it he had been plastering for over twenty years!

His love for plastering never seemed to materialise and so when the building trade became more and more difficult, Michael thought about pursuing a career in catering. Michael has always loved cooking for family and friends and whenever people came round to his house they were always fed, whether it be a bacon sandwich or a three course mean with all the trimmings! The only proviso being that they had to try his latest culinary experiment, [intlink id=”47″ type=”page”]various flavours[/intlink] of gourment fudge!

Michael loves the care and precision that is needed in creating the perfect piece of fudge as opposed to his usual style of cooking which requires no measurements! This need for precision only encouraged Michael to strive for perfection and after trial and error he has achieved his goal with Fudge Fancies.

Michael now regularly sells his gourmet fudge at various farmer’s markets across the North East of England including Saltburn and Stokesley. Michael believes the markets are a brilliant way of testing new flavours, such as his upcoming Cherry Trifle, as people are always more than willing to try a sample of his scrumptious fudge. With his recipe book getting fuller by the day, Michael believes he has more to surprise and delight his customers!

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