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Customers Base Growing

Posted by Michael on October 12, 2010

It’s a busy time For Fudge Fancies, with lots happening on the run-up to Christmas.

We have Just returned from Holiday and  Michael was straight in the kitchen preparing for Saltburns Farmers Market, which was hugely successful.  Michael received lots of great feedback and some excellent comments, making the hard work well worthwhile.  We have a regular customer base now at Saltburn and this is massively rewarding.   Michael showcased a new flavour, one which I have been badgering him to make for ages, it is ‘after dinner mint’ and is absolutely gorgeous.  The customers at Saltburn market obviously thought so as it sold out quicker than the other flavours.

We have numerous events this month, mostly weddings but also a charity event and a fashion night which is on Thursday 14th October at Marton Hotel & Country Club, with over 400 tickets sold it should be a good event.  We are then, for the first time, at Darlington Farmers Market on Friday 15th October 2010.  Michael is excited about this as it is a new venue and it is their 10th year anniversary  so should be fun, if you are interested in more information about this check out the link below:-

Fudge Fancies can now also be purchased at Whinstone View  Bistro & Lodges at Great Ayton,  a fantastic place for us to showcase our Fudge. We are also in talks with other outlets further afield so promising times.

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