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Fudge Fancy Christmas Range

Posted by Michael on November 1, 2011

With Christmas fast approaching I’m constantly thinking of the Fudge Fancy Christmas Range and I will be bringing back some of the best sellers from last year.  One being my ‘tree treats’ which can be hung from your Christmas tree.

I will also be doing the new Fudge Fancy Chocolate Toppers in Christmas pudding flavour, imagine all the taste of a Christmas pudding in a chocolate bar.

A Giant Fudge Fancy Christmas pudding will also be available which, once again, will have all the flavours of a traditional pudding but in a Gourmet Fudge version, this will be perfect for sharing. My Christmas Truffles making their first appearance are Chestnut and Mulled Wine Flavour, the chestnut will be a white truffle and the mulled wine a dark one.

I am constantly experimenting and thinking of new ideas for Christmas so this range can only get bigger and better.

Keep a look out online and the local farmers market in a few weeks were you will be able to purchase the Christmas range.


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