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Proud to be from Middlesbrough

Posted by Michael on April 18, 2011

Well Fudge Fancies are getting into the spirit of Middlesbrough bid for city status and have made an honorary fancy for the cause (although had to surcome to a bit of artificial colouring – as they are very effective).

We are also excited to be involved in Middlesbrough fashion week, where we will be supplying fancies and are hoping to have our own ‘Pop up Shop’ within The  House of Fraser on Thursday 26th of May. It should be a great week with lots going on around the town.

New Flavours

There are some new additions to the fancy family (minus the artificial colouring) including Champagne fancies. These are perfect for weddings. They look very pretty and taste great too! Mango & Coconut give as refreshing twist for the summer, and Irish Coffee with a nice kick of Irish whiskey is perfect for the coffee lovers. Finally, there is the triple chocolate fudge cake incorporating dark, milk and white chocolate an absolute winner with “The Mall” customers and chocoholics alike. We are hoping to get our mouth watering new fudge flavours available on-line soon, so watch this space.

Future Plans

There are other exciting projects in the pipeline – just need to assess whether we can work Michael any harder then we already are! Michael is currently working “the cart” mobile store in The Mall, Middlesbrough, as part it’s ‘The Retail Factor’ competition. Please come along and show your support.

We only have a few months to go and our ‘Rent Free’ stay at The Mall comes to an end, and it will be sad to leave all the friends we have made within ‘The Emporium’ but eagerly await ‘The Wrap’ party.

The most exciting news yet has to be the purchase (well actually a swap-the ethos of Saturday Swap Shop still going strong we are glad to see) of an ice-cream maker! Yes, Michael is set to experiment with Fudge Ice-Cream. Mmmm mmm! We will keep you updated as to the outcome, hopefully its another triumph for Michael’s skills in the kitchen.

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