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Fudge Fancies

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Simply The Best

Posted by Michael on November 22, 2013


If you are looking for something a little different this Christmas then look no further then Fudge Fancies.Don’t take our word for it check some of the fantastic reviews and comments out.

box 4 and 8






White chocolate capped fudge mixed with lemon juice & lime zest. You immediately get a lime then a bit of lemon and the zest on top adds a lovely extra zing. OMG stop me because I can’t stop myself. I’m going to get soooo fat! The real joy here is that the natural flavours of the lemon juice and lime zest absolutely come through. Of course the soft fudge is also a fav of mine!


Judith Lewis (







If you can imagine crystalised ginger and fudge combined then you’ll probably recognise that this one is going to be very sweet. However, the ginger flavour washes in and out like waves crashing on to the beach. I must admit that this is one of my favourites so far.


Lee at



On sight, just by the seer colour and presentation, it’s obvious artistry is at work there.Your nose then charmed by the rich but creamy aroma, that is kindly, although firmly dominated by the rich ginger that acts to draw you into the chocolate, as you feel you mouth watering in preparation.Compelling the only action left possible…that first taste. And wow! You are not disappointed. The flavour is fantastic. It would be so easy for the ginger to over-power the dark, sumptuous cocoa taste, but it simply doesn’t in the hands of this Gourmet Confectioner. The two flavours complement each other with extreme success. I don’t think I’ve tasted these 2 ingredients combine so well.


Justin Gomez



I was lucky enough to be sent a little box in the mail and hand on heart can say it was the tastiest fudge I’ve ever eaten. Each piece was inventive, the flavours complimented one another and with a generous portion size you felt you’d eaten something substantial so you could savour it. I would strongly recommend Fudge Fancies Gourmet Fudge if you seek an orignal take on the sweet : )


Yasmin Selena



I have been to the Guisborough Forest Festival, the highlight of which was the ‘Fudge Fancies’ stall. The table was set out beautifully, with a tempting array of delicous looking fudge, with generous tasters to help you decide which you would buy. Fudge Fancies is by far the best fudge I have ever tasted. The flavours are fantastic, and the fudge melts in your mouth, absolutely divine. When and where are you next? So I can get some more.


Belinda Lonsdale






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