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The Chocolate Challenge

Posted by Michael on October 13, 2011

Little did I visualise myself some 16 months ago running a confectionery business, from self-teaching myself the ups and downs of making my product.Since then things and opportunities just seem to come my way.

One of the latest projects I have the pleasure of being involved in is ‘The Chocolate Challenge’ run by Will Mclean from the’ The Entrepreneurs Forum’. A project that visits schools helping students appreciate what is involved in the thought process of setting up a business based around chocolate. As a judge for the challenge I spend the day going between the groups and classes, listening to their ideas and offering advice, as well as judging the final presentations at the end of the day.

The winning group will then spend the day recreating their chocolate with Gareth James a Chocolatier based in Tynemouth.

The latest challenge was held at Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium.


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